Feminism Is For Everybody, Especially Educators!

As my final project as an intern at We Are Open Coop I created a free email-based course consisting of 8 emails. It is made to help people become introduced to the philosophy of feminist pedagogy. The course is written for leaders and educators who want to integrate more feminist practice into their learning environments.

The course is based on A Guide to Feminist Pedagogy” by the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching and covers:

  1. Habits of the Head – the philosophy and pedagogies that lead to feminist spaces.
  2. Habits of the Heart – the role of power and authority, the complexity of identity and the importance of community in this intentional practice.
  3. Habits of the Hand – an introduction into how bringing together the habits of the head and the habits of the heart can lead to more equitable learning environments.

We also created Open Badges, that can be earned throughout the course.

To subscribe to the course you can go to the Learnwith WAO site